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Customize your session by choosing a massage modality and ADD-ONS

Therapeutic Massage

30 min $40/ 60min $80 / 90min $120 / 120min $160

A therapeutic massage is beneficial for everyone whether your goal is relaxation or pain management. Pressure can range anywhere from light to deep depending on your preference. Modalities such as Swedish, deep tissue, sports, and trigger point therapy will be used to give you a truly customized massage tailored to your specific needs. This massage is recommended for those new to massage therapy.

Man having back massage in the spa salon

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi

60 min $90 / 90 min $130 / 120 min $170

Lomi Lomi is a holistic healing massage created by the Polynesian ancestors of Hawaii. Through Lomi Lomi, stress and muscle tension are relieved, blood and lymph flow are encouraged, and waste and toxins are eliminated. Unlike other massages, Lomi Lomi allows most of the body parts to be exposed so that the therapist can massage multiple areas at the same time. This will be a truly unique and exotic experience. ← click here to learn more about Hawaiian Lomi Lomi

Prenatal Massage

60min $80 / 90min $120

A prenatal massage is catered to pregnant women. Carrying a baby can put a lot of pressure on your joints and muscles, which can cause pain and discomfort. Our massage will not only reduce physical pain, but will reduce stress, depression, and anxiety.. We use a combination of firm and soft fluffy pillows where needed to ensure your comfort. We highly recommend that you check with your doctor before receiving a prenatal massage.

Couples Massage

Receive any of our wonderful massage or massage package in our romantic candle lit couples room for only an additional $20


60 min $85 / 90 min $125

Reiki is a form of energy and spiritual work that originated in Japan. Reiki is used to help with stress reduction, relaxation, healing, and self-improvement. It has also been effective in helping virtually every known illness ranging from minor things like head or stomach ache and serious illness like heart disease and cancer. Client are fully clothed with comfortable loose clothing. We use crystals in our Reiki sessions. ←click here to learn more about Reiki

Man having back massage in the spa salon

Serene Signature Massage

60min $100 / 90min $140 / 120min $180

This one of a kind massage can be only found at Serene Life Spa. Your therapist will combine therapeutic and Lomi Lomi techniques to ease out your knots and relax your muscles all at the same time. You will get the best of both worlds with this one of a kind massage! Your massage table will be set up like a traditional massage, but you will be draped Lomi style. This is truly a unique experience that everyone must try at least once!

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